Parchment paper

The parchment paper is thin and white and has a translucent appearance that has a cellulose base. At first glance, this paper may look exactly like wax paper, but the parchment paper is covered and the other side is opaque. Parchment paper is completely non-stick and has a high resistance to heat. For this reason, it is used as tray paper for cooking food and parchment paper for making cakes. The transparency of parchment paper also makes this product suitable for use as a sewing pattern or drawing paper for drawing and black pen. Many designers, engineers, and cartographers use parchment paper instead of calc paper because it is more accessible and cheaper.

Parchment paper is made by passing sheets of pulp from a tub of sulfuric acid or sometimes zinc chloride. This process partially dissolves or gelatinizes the paper. This process forms a high-density sulfur cross-linked material, heat resistance, fat resistance, water resistance – thus creating good non-stick properties. Refined papers look like leather and because of their strength, they are sometimes used in legal documents that traditionally used leather.

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