Kraft paper Kraft paper is a type of paper made from chemical pulp. This type of paper is very strong and is used for packaging, especially fruit.

Sack Kraft Paper is a porous kraft paper with high elasticity and good tear resistance. It is used for packaging products that need high elastic strength, such as cement packaging.

This product is made using the kraft production process, which, like other paper production methods, involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. Structural components in wood are lignin and cellulose. Because lignin does not produce good paper, it must be separated from cellulose. To do this, the wood chips are cooked in a solution made of sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide. They separate lignin and cellulose, leaving a solid wood pulp and a “black solution”. The wood chips are now turned into a paste and sifted to remove larger pieces. The pulp is cooked and washed to wash the remaining solution, then it can be turned into various paper products.

Differences and advantages of kraft paper over other papers

Due to the reduction of lignin and sulfur, Kraft is stronger than other papers and also does not use bleaching materials. Bleaching dyes reduce paper strength and increase production costs.

To produce this paper, a wider range of types of trees can be used than other papers, such as pine, bamboo or hemp.

In addition, this type of paper is recyclable, given that almost all of the chemicals used in the process are recycled and reused.

Types of kraft paper

Plain kraft

(Sack kraft)

  (Ribbed kraft )

(bleached Kraft or White kraft)

(Kraft liner)


Kraft types can be used for food, sanitary, hospital food packaging (operating room set packaging and other equipment), clothing packaging, fruits such as orange apples, cement bag packaging, handbags and laminates, etc.

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